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We, Golden Town Real Estate Development, always strive for excellence, as our goal is to be the best in the Egyptian real estate market. Our ambitions do not stop, as we believe that the Egyptian real estate market needs continuous development, but not in the old or stereotypical ways.

So we apply all advanced non-traditional methods to meet the needs of the Egyptian market and create a new market steadily. We are distinguished by competitive advantages that put us in the forefront and welcome all customers, partners, and investors inside and outside Egypt.

Without your trust, Golden Town Real Estate Development Company would not exist, as you are significant to us. Therefore, we put your interest and confidence in mind.

About us

Golden Town is a real estate development and construction company specializing in holistic construction for engineering projects (private, governmental, national, and international) for more than twenty years. The company’s business extended from residential, administrative, and hotel towers on the coast of the Alexandria Corniche, Burj Al Arab, the North Coast, Ain Sukhna, Greater Cairo, and other locations inside Egypt. The company has also carried out international property development within the continent of Africa with distinct residential and hotel projects in partnership with international consultants’ offices in South Africa, Chad, Libya, and Cameroon. In addition to some real estate development projects in the Arab Gulf countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait) as well as Europe (Ukraine – Belarussia), and throughout the extension of this forcefully architectural and engineering balance, the company entered firmly into the implementation of some national projects with some considerable bodies from the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and the National Services Authority of the Forces Armed Forces and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities.


To be the first choice for our clients inside and outside Egypt through the continuous pursuit of developing the Egyptian property market in all fields and real estate services using the best-advanced methods.

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Core Values

Innovation: We work at full potential to achieve the
company’s goals with the best possible quality and the
ultimate innovation and creativity.
Customer Satisfaction: Is our main goal, and therefore
we strive with all our resources and potential to reach
the maximum possible satisfaction for our customers at
the real estate and economic level.
Respect: We value and respect all individuals in Golden
Town Development as well as our clients to create a
work environment favourable to prosperity.
Commitment: We listen to understand and identify the
real estate and construction needs compatible with the
requirements of each client. Also, delivery according to
the timetable is one of our priorities.

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Villa 125 Al-Moltaka Al-Araby - El-Nasr Road – Sheraton Almatar, Cairo, Egypt



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